Live in Caregiver Program

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Hiring a Nanny presently registered with the Live in Caregiver program.

Once you have found a live in caregiver, as an employer, you must go through an application process called the Labour Market Opinion.

Your job offer must first be assessed and approved by HRSDC/SC in the form of a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) before a caregiver can begin working for you. The LMO is the first step to hiring a foreign worker presently living in Canada. The employer is required to meet all the necessary legislative and program requirements. You must provide a copy of the signed written employment contract with your caregiver as part of your LMO application.

The LMO that you apply for at HRSDC/SC under the Live-in Caregiver Program is valid for up to four years and three months.

For more information regarding this process please go to the HRSD website