Everything You Should Know about Hiring a Housekeeper

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Cleaning your home may start out as an easy task, but when you add a spouse, children and pets into your busy lifestyle, the job can be overwhelming. Hiring a housekeeper is a great choice that will relieve a bit of your stress and give you some extra leisure time. Cleaning services can be an expensive luxury. When you decide that it is time to hire some help, spend your money wisely. Here is everything you should know about hiring a housekeeper.

  1. Independents vs Companies

Hiring a housekeeper through a service or company provides security that independents may not have. The quality of work might still be great, but housekeepers contracted through companies will be insured and bonded, protecting you from being liable if an issue occurs in your home. If you decide to go with an independent housekeeper, be sure they have the proper coverage. Companies will also have performed background checks beforehand, saving you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself.


  1. Frequent Cleanings or Once a Year?

Some people with large homes, pets and children require a housekeeping service to clean their home once a week. Others opt to have their house professionally cleaned once a month, and more choose just once a year. Having a home cleaned by a housekeeper before placing it on the market or a move is also very common. Deciding how often you will need housekeeping services is an important part of the hiring process.

  1. Negotiate Services

Housekeepers have limits. It may not be easy to find someone to clean the lights at the top of your two story ceilings, and some cleaners will only clean the inside of windows, not the outside. If you have special needs and requests for the services you expect from your housekeeper, address them in your initial job posting. While you are in the interview phase, be sure to negotiate your needs and compensate for any extra duties you ask your housekeeper to perform.

  1. Speak Up

Housekeepers are trained professionals who normally know the ins and outs of the products and tools they use, but you have the all the authority as the employer. If you have questions about how something will be cleaned, do not be shy about asking. Speak up if you have items that you do not want touched. You should remain informed about products being used in your home by your cleaning service.


  1. Perform a Walkthrough

When you find your housekeeper, take them on a tour of your home. Give any specific instructions you may have. If you have pets, do not leave them loose in your home unless you are certain that the housekeeper has no fears or pet allergies. If you will have your pets put out of the way, be sure to let your housekeeper know where they will be located. Give your new employee a good understanding of your home and family so they may perform their duties to the best of their ability.


  1. The Contract

After all the interviews, terms and conditions have been negotiated, draw up a contract between you and your housekeeper. Cover all terms such as expectations, pay and liability. Protect yourself and your finances.


Hiring a housekeeper is a great choice if you are feeling overwhelmed with household chores or if your home needs a good, professional cleaning. For more information, visit our housekeeping page or contact an Optimum human resources representative.

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