5 Tips for Hiring a Pet Friendly Nanny

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When you decide to start the process of finding the perfect nanny for your family, there are many criteria you will want met by your new employee. If you have one or a few members of your household that are animal companions, do not forget them in the hiring process. There are a lot of great nannies who have pet allergies or fears of working around animals. You will want to find a nanny who is great for your family — including your pets. These 5 tips for hiring a pet friendly nanny will help you hire the right person for all the members of your household.

1. Tell All

When you create a job posting and begin the interview process, do not forget to mention that you have a pet. This could be a deal breaker for potential employees who are not willing to work around animals. Disclose any problems or specific needs your pet may have, such as aggression towards strangers or medication that should be given at specific times. Be sure that your new nanny is willing to aid in the care of your household pets. Telling all the vital information about the members of your household will insure your find the perfect pet friendly nanny for your family.

2. Seek a Pet Friendly Nanny

In your job advertisement, present a posting that seeks a pet friendly nanny. Asking for an individual who loves to be around animals or has experience working with pets will insure that the people you interview are individuals who are willing to work with animals. The description of your perfect nanny on your job posting should include the phrase “pet friendly.”

3. Clear Responsibilities

If you expect the duties of your nanny to include walking your dog daily or running the family cat to your veterinary clinic, be clear about those expected responsibilities in your hiring process. Your potential nannies may be pet friendly, but lack to capabilities to walk an 80 pound dog who is aggressive towards strangers. Insure that your nanny can successfully fulfill all of the responsibilities you require.

4. Remain Flexible

If you find a nanny that you love who is wonderful for your family but not so great with your pets, consider hiring a person to specifically help with your pets, such as a dog walker, before searching for a different nanny. The ability to remain flexible will lead to happiness for all members of your household.

5. Compensate for Extra Duties

Taking care of the family pets as well as your children are extra duties for your nanny. Let your potential nannies know you value the willingness to do that extra work by presenting a salary that compensates for pet responsibilities.

Finding the perfect nanny for your household does not mean simply hiring an individual who is great with your children. Be sure to use these 5 tips and hire a pet-friendly nanny. For more information on finding a nanny for your family, visit our page and contact an Opti-mum representative.

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