Nannies and Work-at-Home Moms

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The modern workplace is changing. More people are working from home every day. Working from the comfort of your home carries many advantages, including saving commute time and money. It allows you to be around for the children when they need you.There are distractions when you work at home. Having a nanny could be a solution to avoid such problems. The trick is keeping a strong working relationship with your nanny so that she feels empowered to maintain control with you in the home. Here are some tips and tricks for balancing a work-from-home schedule with an empowered caregiver.

Have a Home Office

Just because you are at home does not mean you have to blend house and job. Set up a special office space where you can close yourself off from kids, television and other attention-grabbers. If it helps, get dressed for work when you lock yourself away.

Set up a computer, telephone, printer, fax machine and copier in a room with all of your reference materials so that you will not need to emerge except for lunch and when you finish work. That way, your nanny can work without feeling like you are looking over her shoulder.

Be Clear about Schedule

Make sure that your family and your nanny understand your work schedule clearly. Tell your kids that while you are at work you are not to be bothered and that they should talk to the nanny about anything they want or need. Kiss them goodbye in the morning and make sure they understand that you are at work, just like if you were not home.

Keep your schedule structured so that you enter and leave the office at the same times every day. It will be much easier for the kids to adapt to your work rhythms if they are the same daily. Even if you hear the kids crying, avoid rushing to their aid unless it is the nanny who calls for help.


Keeping an open line of communication with your nanny is paramount. Have daily discussions either before or after work about any problems she may have encountered or the general state of affairs in the home. Listen to her concerns and address them accordingly. Never be afraid to raise your own concerns. Keeping your professional and personal relationship with her strong is the key to lasting success.

Being structured and having a special place to work are great ideas for a work-from-home strategy. Keeping to your schedule and keeping an open line of communication with nanny and your kids will ensure that you maintain efficiency and success. When looking for professional nanny service, Vancouver parents can turn to us for experienced caregivers to work in your home. Give us a call today.

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