Handling Problems with Your Nanny

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Your relationship with your nanny is all-important. A professional child caregiver, whether they have a 9-5 schedule or are live-in, is a satellite member of your family.

Sure, you pay them for their services; but since you are talking about your kids, the relationship must be real and personal. What happens, then, when you and your nanny develop problems? Here are some tips and tricks for handling these issues without having to start all over again.

Establish Boundaries

Yes, this person is in a very real way, a member of your family. They are also your employee. While relationships are a key factor in effective childcare, you need to establish where the family relationship ends and the employee relationship begins. This can be a difficult task, but sit down and make certain that the professional nature of your relationship is clear.

Write It Down

Put everything in writing. This way, any expectations you have are crystal clear. If you tell your nanny to show up “around 9 every day,” and she routinely shows up at 9:15, this might be a problem. You have not been clear about your expectations and it is causing issues. Rather, write down that she is to be at your home at 9:00 each morning.

Clear expectations are the key to an effective personal and working relationship. Putting it on paper is the best way to maintain your boundaries and needs.

Do Not Wait

When an issue arises, do not wait to address it. Certainly, pick your battles and be honest with yourself. Are you nitpicking, or is your caregiver’s behavior actually a problem? The moment you notice behavior that is unacceptable, address it.

Patience is Key

Try not to berate or chastise your employee. The more harsh you are, the more stress you will create. Be understanding, calm, and reasonable. Discuss, do not scold. When the time comes to address issues, sit down with your childcare professional and hash out the issues like two responsible adults.

Agency Intervention

As a last resort, if your child’s caretaker is a repeat offender and shows no signs of repairing the behavior, it may be time to consider starting over. When all efforts to address the situation have failed, call the agency and discuss the situation with them. There may be other options for you, from solutions you had not considered to simply assigning a new nanny.

Cutting ties with a long-term employee, especially one with whom your children have a strong bond, can be difficult. When everything else fails, it may be your best option. A negative experience with a nanny can impact your children’s behavior and well-being. If you want help from the best nanny agency in Vancouver, give us a call today.

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