Why Experience Matters When Hiring a Nanny

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Your children are your most precious and irreplaceable assets. Not just any person could take care of them in the manner they deserve. For this reason, you should strongly consider holding out for a nanny with extensive experience. They are more likely to have the qualities you are seeking, here is why.

Proof of Competency

At the bare minimum, an experienced nanny can claim to have executed the job before. They will be past the inherent learning process, and they will also have begun developing a system or routine when it comes to caring for children.

With enough jobs under your nanny’s belt, you will have a way to evaluate her services before you decide to hire her. You can call her past employers and hear about her performance. References are important; the longer she worked for them, the better.

Remember to take all praise and criticisms with a small grain of salt, though, as every situation will be different.

A “Broken In” Nanny

Almost everyone in society loves children. They also know that kids are far from perfect angels. A skilled nanny must know how to deal with a child who is having a bad day or who has become resistant. No amount of preparation can compare to actually experiencing a child who is in full tantrum mode.

Keep in mind that a child does not have to be misbehaving for a nanny to have a “tough day.” The kid could be sick to the point of vomiting and need constant attention. A nanny will not only have to keep a close eye on the child in this situation, but they will also have to deal with any messes that result.

An inexperienced nanny could potentially reach a breaking point in moments like these, whereas a veteran would never cut and run after a hard day.

Development of Skills

A nanny that has been working in this field for a long time will have a better grasp of their own strengths and weaknesses. They can compensate for the areas they lack in by brushing up on their knowledge or by figuring out a solid workaround that plays to their skills.

Some nannies may have even undergone training courses or special classes. There is no comparing to the peace of mind you get with someone who can watch over your kids that is CPR and First-Aid certified. Your nanny may also have picked up little tricks, like how to calm down a child who is experiencing separation anxiety from their parents.

While many nannies deserve a first chance to become great, you are likely to have better odds with a well-versed nanny. Experience is after all the best teacher. To find a highly-qualified nanny with well-documented work experience, you can take a look at our available nanny services.

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