Qualities to Look for in a Nanny

nanny and child

Finding a person to help regularly care for your children is quite an undertaking. The skills involved in parenting could – and do – fill several large books. While a nanny will not be “raising” your children in the sense that an actual parent does, they still have a tremendous amount of responsibilities to cover.

Since many of the skills expected of nannies are difficult to quantify and mostly come down to “that special something,” describing them in concrete terms can feel impossible. When people have a great experience with their nannies, they often say that something “just clicked” and everyone was happy with the situation.

In an ambitious effort to put words to these indescribably-good experiences, here are some qualities to look for in a nanny.


Communication is one of the most important things in any human relationship, especially in an employer/employee situation. Some people have trouble instructing their nannies on all of their expectations. Even when going into every last detail, you may realize you forgot to make something clear.

A good nanny will notice these omissions in stated expectations; they will ask questions rather than make assumptions. They should be up front with you about any limitations they might expect during their execution of duties. For instance, if they will be late because of traffic or if schedules have not been going according to plan, they should be capable of describing the problems that arose in addition to any potential solutions or adjustments.

In short, because most frustrations in working relationships arise from communication gaps, a skilled nanny will do everything they can to close these gaps and have all factors out in the open.

Personal Connections

Nannies are not robots. Without a certain amount of emotional warmth, working with even the best nannies can feel unfulfilling. Humans communicate as much through emotional empathy as they do through words alone. When a nanny appears stoic or has intentions that are difficult to interpret, it can leave you feeling disconnected.

Conversely, someone who engages you and especially your children on a personal level will make interactions smoother and more enjoyable overall.


Usually, we hire nannies because we have so much going on with our lives. If your nanny has the same problem, it might not be a good fit. We expect them to be able to juggle a lot of tasks, and if they have difficulty maintaining a schedule or not getting overwhelmed then this can tarnish any other outstanding qualities they might have.

Nannies should be able to help fit together all the scattered pieces of your life. Many other qualities will help in this task. The above three will make any challenges that much easier.

If you are looking for nanny services in Vancouver with these criteria in mind, then we can do our best to accommodate you. Visit our agency’s services page to find out more.

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