Benefits of Having a Nanny When School Starts

Nanny services are needed during school as they are during the summer.The misconception is that families need a nanny during summer months more than ever. Kids are out of school for vacation, meaning more time at home and more hours where supervision is needed. While the number of hours may expand from June to August, the responsibilities don’t. Read on to learn why having a nanny is as beneficial during the school year as the summer — if not more!

How a Nanny Helps When your Children go Back-to-School

Driving your kids is driving you crazy

When you became a mom you probably weren’t expecting to turn into a chauffeur as well. But lo and behold — all you’re missing these days is a proper hat and uniform. And when school starts the hours clocked seem to increase as your children’s schedules quickly fill up. Between their normal class hours and after school extracurricular activities, there is homework, play dates, practices and games. Hiring a nanny can lift the burden of constantly shuffling from one place to the other by driving your children to different appointments so that you can spend more time on other things. Like that “me time” idea you always wanted to give a go…

You could use a lending hand to help with homework

Setting a homework routine makes staying caught up easy, and nanny services can help keep your children on track by designating time in their day for take-home work and studying. While you are still at work, or at home preparing dinner, your nanny can be giving your child the one-on-one attention he or she needs to reach maximum success in their schooling.

You are buried in laundry

When you have a family, laundry day is every day! Or twice a day when school starts and all the extra activities translates into more wardrobe changes. Clothes for school, practice, games, spending time with friends, going to sleep… The list goes on and the laundry basket gets fuller. A nanny housekeeper can help with everyday household chores, like doing laundry, or keep an eye on your children while you get things done.

Packing lunches and cooking meals is now your full-time job

From morning breakfasts to their school lunch sacks to the dinner that needs to be on the table in the evening (let’s not even mention snacks!) it can feel like your kids are constantly eating — and that you are constantly cooking. A nanny housekeeper can assist in grocery shopping, prepping meals, and even cooking them. It all depends on your schedule and what your personal needs are.

Already feeling overwhelmed? We know. It’s exhausting just thinking about what the school year brings. But not to worry, we can help! Contact us anytime to discuss placing a nanny or housekeeper in your home and feel free to learn more about the nanny services in Vancouver. We’ll find the right fit for your family and the best person to keep this school year running smoothly — all the way to next summer!

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