Nannies vs. Housekeepers — What’s the difference and which do I need?

The contrast between nannies and housekeepers from our Vancouver agency.

There are many reasons families choose to hire a nanny, and it is important to understand what your household needs before you start looking for a caretaker. Are you looking for someone to solely watch over your children? Or are you searching for an all doing multitasker that can care for the kids and whip up dinner, all while your dirty clothes are in the wash? To help you better understand the different nanny services Vancouver offers, and determine which type of help is the best for your family, we are breaking down the difference between a nanny and a housekeeper.

The difference between Nannies and Housekeepers

So, what exactly is a nanny?

A nanny is a person who will care for your children when you are away, providing the support you need in an environment you trust and following a plan you set out. Think of a nanny as a professional babysitter, someone that does not just “keep an eye” on your kids, but takes care of them while also providing stimulating activities that improve their social skills and enhance their school curriculum. Depending on their age, nannies will take part in playtime or homework help, acting as a supporting role in your family dynamic. A nanny’s workweek can range from part-time hours to full time depending on the needs of the household. Nannies that spend more significant time in the home often take care of light household responsibilities, such as helping in dinner preparation or tidying up. It is important that a nanny’s tasks are understood beforehand so that you feel they are holding up their end of the service contract, and they don’t feel as if their time is being taken advantage of.

Wait — my house needs more than “tidying up” and since grocery shopping has fallen a bit short lately, “dinner preparation” might be calling up for a pizza.

Not to worry! Many homes require much more support than solely childcare. For these families we recommend a nanny housekeeper. With a slightly higher hourly salary, these professional individuals take on the typical nanny responsibilities that we discussed above with the addition of homecare. They take on the task of cleaning your house and keeping it organized, usually during quieter hours like when young ones are napping or older children are at school. Depending on the family’s needs and the amount of time the nanny housekeeper is hired for, responsibilities sometimes expand to include meal preparation or pet care.

And Optimum offers these services?

At Optimum we place both nannies and housekeepers in families’ homes. Our candidates are all highly trained and extremely trustworthy — qualities that are confirmed from strict background checks, evaluations and interviews. The candidates we work with are all seasoned professionals, each possessing unique skills that align with different needs. By assessing our nannies and families fully, we are able to find the best match and create long lasting relationships. Learn more about our screening process.

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