Should You Hire a Summer Nanny?

A summer nanny may be just what you need.

When school lets out and summer begins, many parents will send their kids to camps. They need somebody to watch their kids while they’re at work, and they think camp is the only option. But there is another idea that they may not have thought of: hiring a summer nanny. Using nanny services in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world is a great alternative to a day camp. Here’s why.

Benefits of Hiring a Summer Nanny


One big problem many working parents have with camps is the rigidness of their hours. If the parent works at odd hours or needs to work late one night a week, they’ll need to find someone to take care of their child. A nanny doesn’t have that problem. The parent simply has to inform the nanny of the days when they won’t be home until late, and the child will continue caring for the children with no issues. A nanny can also stay late if the parent has an emergency. The flexibility of a nanny can’t be beat.

Different Activities

Your child may like camp for the first couple of weeks, but they’ll soon grow bored of going to the same place and doing the same activities day after day. A nanny can take your child to the park, or the museum, or they can stay home and do an art project. Your child will get to spend their summer exploring instead of spending all of their time in one camp. Every day can be a different and spontaneous adventure, which your child is sure to love.


Although the counselors at the camp may care for your child, they can’t give them too much attention if they’re having a problem since they have so many other kids to deal with. A nanny can take care of your child if they’re not feeling well, had a fight with a friend, or are upset for any other reason. If you leave your kids in the care of a nanny, you’ll know that they’re going to be well taken care of and given plenty of attention.

Nannies are great all year long, but they’re especially useful in the long summer months. By choosing a nanny over a day camp, you can rest assured your children will enjoy their time away from school. They’ll love getting to play outside with their friends, going on day trips, and just generally relaxing and enjoying their time off.

If you have any questions about our nanny services in Vancouver, for the summer or for any other time of the year, feel free to contact us.

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