What to Do if a Child and their Nanny Don’t Get Along

Here are some tips for helping your children get along with their nanny.
A nanny is one of the most important people in a child’s life. They care for the child, help them with their homework, and cook their meals. The only person a child will see more than a nanny is their parents. Because of that, it’s important that the child and nanny have a good relationship. If the child is having issues with the nanny or vice versa, it can be a very big problem. Here are things that can be done if your nanny and child aren’t getting along.

Tips for Dealing with Children who don’t get Along with their Nanny

First, if the child is having issues with the nanny, sit down with them and get them to explain what’s going on. Maybe they’re afraid to tell you because they think they’ll get the nanny in trouble. Let them know that nobody is going to be punished, and then they should feel more comfortable saying what happened. It could just be a small thing, like the child insisting they don’t like a certain food and the nanny feeding it to them anyways. Small issues like these can easily be resolved if the parent and child talk in a safe environment.

If the nanny tells you she’s having issues with your child, action will have to be taken. Talking is still a good first step. Let the child know that their behavior is wrong. If this isn’t enough, then you will have to punish the child. The only problem you might then face is the child taking out their anger about the punishment on the nanny. Be sure to let the child know that the nanny wasn’t responsible, and try to act as a buffer between the child and nanny until the situation diffuses and the child either forgets or forgives the nanny.

If the child and nanny are still having issues, you may have to contact your nanny agency in Vancouver and inquire about getting a new nanny for your child. It’s nobody’s fault; sometimes personalities just don’t mix. Before doing that, though, be sure to talk to your child to try and find out why there are so many problems. Also be sure to talk to the nanny to see if they have any suggestions about what to do. Your nanny may realize there’s another, bigger problem that the child is hiding. If the child insists that it’s all to do with the nanny, though, it might be best for both the child and the nanny if the nanny moves on.

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