Recent Changes to The Live in Caregiver Program

The Canadian federal government has proposed changes to the Live-in Caregiver Program. The Live-in Caregiver Program lets qualified individuals come to Canada as temporary workers to provide care for children, the elderly or disabled in private homes. If a live-in caregiver meets requirements, he or she can then apply for permanent residence in Canada after two years.
The main problem with this program has been the exploitation of caregivers by employment agencies who charge exorbitant fees to find these caregivers employment.
Not only will the new regulations make it easier for live-in caregivers to apply for permanent residence it will also give them more protection from abuse or exploitation.
The changes that will make it easier for live-in caregivers to apply for permanent residence in Canada and will include:
• eliminating the second medical exam before becoming a permanent resident
• allowing live-in caregivers who work overtime to apply for permanent residence sooner
• increasing the time that live-in caregivers are allowed to complete the work requirement for permanent residence from three to four years.

These changes will also protect live in caregivers from exploitation by prohibiting employers from using employment agencies that charge caregivers fees for their services.

Families and Nannies do have other alternatives. There are websites that do provide the same service as most of these agencies. These sites charge less than $100. Canada Immigration does a thorough interview of each applicant so it is not necessary to pay an agency an exorbitant fee for this service.