Online Nanny Job Search-Be safe

The internet can be an effective venue to match families looking for childcare and nannies looking for work. Most families are honest and fair and are looking for the best care for their families. However, it is important to learn safe internet job search skills to protect yourself against possible dangers and scams.
Identity theft is not that common but it does happen. It is important to make sure you do not provide the following information on an online application.
• Social Insurance Number or Social Security Number (this should only be provided to your employer once you have been offered a job)
• Date of birth
• Names and phone numbers of References
• Copies of birth certificates or other identity documents
• Bank account information
Money scams are far more common. This type of scam may promise you salaries and working conditions that are too good to be true. They sometimes offer to hire you without even talking to you directly. They may offer you a salary advance and ask for banking information to deposit the cheque.
When you speak to a potential employer on the phone it is important to get a sense of how comfortable they are with your desire to remain cautious and careful during the interview process. If fact, they should see this as an indicator of your professionalism.
If you have any hesitation about going to the family home for an interview it is a good ideas to conduct your first meeting with the family in a public place. If you do go to the family home make sure you leave the name, address and phone number with someone as a precaution. Ask if you can speak to their former nanny or childcare provider. The family will want to do reference checks on you so they should not object to this.
A nanny is wise to think through safety issues before accepting a job offer. We hear so much about families being concerned about leaving their children in the care of a relative stranger. Nannies considering relocating and living with their employer need to be just as cautious.