Closing the Deal with the Perfect Nanny

Are you looking for a nanny for your children? It is not a decision that you should make lightly. Not only are you going to be entrusting this person with the most precious people in your life, you are also going to be entering into an employee/employer relationship with him or her. Once you find the perfect nanny for your family, you want to make sure that you can close the deal in a satisfactory manner. Here are some tips for making sure that, once you have found the nanny you want, he or she will not get hired under your nose and before you can bring him or her on board.

Start Strong

The art of negotiation teaches us that we should lowball in the beginning. Think about that technique from your prospect’s point of view. What kind of signal is that going to send to your new potential employee? If he or she is worthy of watching your children, the nanny will know the value of the skills being offered. You, therefore, will want to come out of the gate with a strong offer that will attract his or her interest. There is nothing wrong with going with market value or slightly above, but remember that that is just an average offer. Showing your future nanny that you value him or her will start your relationship off with a feeling of mutual respect.

Consider Offering Benefits

Would you take a job that didn’t offer benefits? If you wouldn’t, then don’t expect your nanny to do so. This will be a full time job and he or she will still have a life to lead. Benefits add something extra to the deal. Here are some ideas of elements to incorporate in your nanny’s benefits package.

  • Paid bonuses: Offer performance-based or activity-based bonuses to your nanny. Even if they are just related to the holidays, paid bonuses will make your nanny feel like he or she has the potential to earn a little more.
  • Paid time off: Everyone needs vacation or sick time. While sick days can become even more difficult with a care giver like a nanny, giving him or her the flexibility to take time off when needed can add that little bit of extra flair to your offer that puts you ahead of the competition. Remember, asking your nanny to come along with you on your family trip is not a vacation, as he or she will be working. Make sure to give your nanny time to him or herself.
  • Miscellaneous benefits: Think of all the things you would like for your boss to provide to you, and then offer these to your nanny. Cell phones, use of a vehicle while on the job, memberships to gyms or warehouse stores. Just about anything you can think of can add a little something special that will attract him or her to your offer.

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