Firing a Nanny After: A Day Care Failure

Drawing together

You know when something just isn’t right in your home. Sure, you may have to sneak home during lunch unannounced to see what the problem might be, but what do you do if your worst thoughts are realized? The baby is asleep in the play pen with a soiled diaper as your nanny is chatting away on the cell phone with a friend, for instance.

So the Nanny is Gone, Now What?

After you have let the nanny go, what do you do? You still have clients, coworkers and a company that is depending on you. The good news is most companies are accommodating in emergencies like this and can grant temporary family leave. Take a day or two to get your house in order. Try to organize things as best you can, and don’t expect to find a replacement nanny in this time. Jumping to a decision out of desperation is never a good idea.

Don’t Waste Time with Guilt

You are not a mind reader. Yes, your child is your first priority and you may have misjudged a person you thought would be a good care giver. Kids bounce back quickly, much faster than adults. Don’t bog yourself down with the guilt of making a poor decision or not having been able to “see this coming.” You can only make decisions based on the information you have at the time. As that information changes, so do your decisions. You made the right choice and removed the troublesome nanny from your home. Time to move on to more pressing matters.

Ask For Help

There are times in all of our lives that we need help, and this is one of them. That’s what friends and family are there for. Do not let your pride prevent you from asking for a little bit of assistance from your parents, a sibling or close friends until you can get a new caregiver for your children. Odds are they will be happy to help you out for a short time.

Remember not to take advantage of the situation either. If someone is willing to put their life on hold to give you a hand, don’t keep them longer than is absolutely necessary. Take the time you need, and no more.

Don’t Shoulder the Burden Alone

This isn’t just your problem; it is your family’s problem. That means that if a significant other is in the picture, you need make sure they are pitching in where needed. Taking the problem all on to yourself will only make it harder than it already is. Try to make a schedule that will work best for everyone. Leverage flex time and work from home schedules if you can. Work together with your family to get through the situation and move to a better place.

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