Is Your Nanny Burning Out?

 Tired mother holding baby daughter (6-11 months)

Your nanny is someone who you trust your most precious loved ones to. Even if your nanny is someone you’ve known and worked with for years, it is possible that your nanny can burn out. Child care is very trying, and even the most patient of nannies can feel the stress of their outside life encroaching on their job. Here are some of the signs of nanny burnout so that you can spot them before they become an issue.

Changes in Reliability

When your normally dependable nanny starts to become inconsistent, you may need to consider that they are starting to get extremely stressed for some reason. Do you notice that you have to rush to work in the mornings now because your nanny keeps getting there later and later? Is there a pattern to calling of sick on certain days of the week or even much more than they have in the past? Maybe your nanny has forgotten to take the kids to an important doctor appointment or forgot skating practice after school. All of these could be a sign of burnout.

Changes with the Kids

Are your kids suddenly upset that the nanny is coming over to watch them instead of you staying home? Did their normal excitement at having your nanny come suddenly change? While it is very normal for children to go through phases where they can be happy or sad to have the nanny around, you might need to take a step back and see if there is a pattern emerging. If they are regularly unhappy about being taken care of by someone other than you, it could be an indication that the level of care they are receiving has changed.

Appearance and Energy Levels

When you first started having your nanny over, you may have marveled at how put together they looked and how much energy they had when dealing with the kids. If you start to notice that your nanny is looking more and more disheveled when they arrive, or if your previously energetic nanny is having issues getting to the end of the day with the kids, they may be starting to burn out. Remember to look for patterns that emerge; don’t just assume that because they aren’t looking as sharp as usual on a Monday that they didn’t just have a long, trying weekend.

Distracted or Uncharacteristic Behavior

Do they kids say that the nanny isn’t playing with them as much as she used to? Are you noticing that your once infinite well of patience now seems short or irritable with the kids? Sharp changes in behavior like this could also be a sign of nanny fatigue.

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