5 Tips for Finding a Nanny for Your Special Needs Child

Woman and child drawing on notepadAll children require unique attentiveness to meet the basic challenges of childcare. But finding a suitable nanny for your special needs child can seem like a daunting task. Childcare for special needs can be expensive, and not all nannies are equipped with the appropriate skills. Many parents may feel overwhelmed when they begin the process of finding a caregiver for their special needs child. Following these tips will help ease the process of finding a nanny for your special needs child.

  1. Know the Past

Knowing the background and experience of a nanny for any child is critical, but even more so for your special needs child. A valid background check is of utmost importance. You do not want to leave your child in the care of someone with a tainted past. Prior experience of the applicants you consider should include work or education focused on children with special needs. While many nannies may be wonderful for other children, they may lack the knowledge to give your special needs child the care they deserve.

  1. Look for Medical Experience

Having a nanny with experience in the medical field will greatly benefit your special needs child. If you have a child that requires daily medical attention, this may even become required criteria. Children who have mental and physical disabilities need quick medical attention often. While screening candidates for your nanny position, look for applicants with a background in nursing. Many retire from the medical field and look for work as a home caregiver.

  1. Knowledge of Nutrition

Children with special needs often require a unique diet. Your nanny should be fully informed of any special nutritional needs or ways in which your child receives their nutrition. Individuals you are considering for hire should be willing to learn these essential needs and execute them on a daily basis.

  1. Education

Learning disabilities should be addressed by hiring an individual with the appropriate background in educating children who have special needs. Look for a person who has experience as a paraprofessional or is a retired special education teacher. Many nannies have degrees and certifications in early childhood development. This also meets the level of knowledge required to ensure your child will be getting an appropriate education tailored to their needs.

  1. Transportation

The person you hire to be a nanny for your special needs child should be willing to drive to doctor’s appointments. Be sure that your nanny has a vehicle that is properly equipped to transport your child. Also, check their driving record. You will feel more comfortable knowing the person driving your child to and from appointments is safe behind the wheel.

Using a human resources service, such as Opti-mum, can simplify your searching process, leading you to the perfect nanny quicker. You will not have to worry about the background checks or sorting through many individuals only to find a small number with the appropriate experience. Our trained professionals will do the work for you. For more information on hiring a nanny for your special needs child, visit our nanny services page and contact an Opti-mum representative.

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