Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mother

Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smilingMany modern mothers are choosing to breastfeed their infants due to the advantages and benefits. Breastfeeding can be very rewarding for both a mother and child. Career driven women may feel that the option to breastfeed is lost to the demands of their jobs. If you would like to return to work and still have the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, do not be discouraged. These breastfeeding tips for the working mother will help you reach your goals.

Be Committed

Breastfeeding as a working mom is no easy task. Once you decide to continue, make a short term goal and stick to it. Start with making it through the first few months of your baby’s life. Once you have met that goal, take pride in the fact that you did succeed and set a new goal. Outside support may be negative. Try and surround yourself with others who understand why you are striving to breastfeed after going back to work. Your spouse, friends, a parent, your siblings or a close relative who understands the breastfeeding journey will be vital to your own success. On the days you want to quit, look forward to reaching the goal you have set for yourself and turn to your support system.

 Invest in a Good Pump

A quality pump can make all the difference in your production. If you are looking to store milk for your caregiver to feed your child during the day, invest in a good pump that you can use while you are at work. Pumping during the day will help you maintain an adequate supply while also keeping the freezer stocked for your infant.

The Production Diet

Keeping up your production is the key to success with breastfeeding. Following a production diet will be a tremendous help on your breastfeeding journey. Eight glasses of water a day minimum is critical to maintaining an adequate milk supply. When you are planning your breakfast, lunch and dinner foods, include oatmeal, garlic, carrots, fennel, nuts, and sesame seeds. These ingredients are known as galactagogues, or foods that aid in the production of breast milk. When you are craving something sweet, find a recipe for lactation cookies and treat yourself to a batch.

Feed at Home

When you are home from work, try and feed your baby straight from the breast. Allowing your infant to control your production will help regulate your supply to fit your baby’s needs. This also gives you a break from pumping, which can be exhausting after a long day at the workplace. Feeding from the breast when you are with your baby also provides a few precious moments of bonding time between you and your child.

Keep an Open Mind

The most important thing about feeding your child is simply that the child is fed. Keep an open mind and remember that there is nothing negative about supplementing with formula. Speak to a lactation consultant or your doctor if you have any concerns about your production or if your child is receiving adequate nutrition. Breastfeeding is not what makes you a great mother, meeting your child’s needs will always be the top priority.

Continuing to breastfeed as a working mom can be a beautiful journey. Finding a good caregiver who is knowledgeable in the needs of breastfed babies can be a great addition to your support structure. Opti-mum is committed to providing you with the perfect nanny for your family. For more information on finding a caregiver for your infant, visit our nanny services page and contact a representative.

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