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How Moms and Dads Work with Nannies


If you have or are considering hiring a nanny, you realize what an important decision it is. This is the person that you are going to trust with your children on a daily basis to guide them in your home while you aren’t there. However, this isn’t a solo effort. You, your spouse and the nanny are team that is working together to benefit your children.

Building the relationship of the team is critical to ensuring its success. Take time to have discussions about the following topics with your spouse so the two of you are on the same page. That way, you can bring a nanny on board that buys into your team vision. Continue reading

Is Your Nanny Burning Out?

 Tired mother holding baby daughter (6-11 months)

Your nanny is someone who you trust your most precious loved ones to. Even if your nanny is someone you’ve known and worked with for years, it is possible that your nanny can burn out. Child care is very trying, and even the most patient of nannies can feel the stress of their outside life encroaching on their job. Here are some of the signs of nanny burnout so that you can spot them before they become an issue. Continue reading