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6 Trust Building Strategies for Caregivers

mother and child playing

The building blocks of a good child-nanny relationship are trust and security. More often than not, these are not automatic components of the foundation of the relationship — trust must be developed over time. Children can be very shy, or even hostile, towards a new nanny.

A child sees their primary caregiver as a critical component of survival, and a stranger is a threat to their basic security. It is important to build trust between yourself and the child that you are caring for so that you may nurture the relationship. Use these trust-building strategies for caregivers to become a pillar of security in your child’s life. Continue reading

5 Meal Planning Tips for Childcare Providers

young mother and daughter at play

Providing childcare comes with many challenges, one of which may include ensuring that the child you are responsible for receives adequate nutrition at meal time. Every child has specific needs that must be met, but some children require unique diets or have parents that set strict meal guidelines. As the child’s caregiver, you must creatively plan meals that meets the nutritional needs of your child as well as any wishes from your employer — a task that can often seem difficult. Use these tips to make meal planning as a child care provider simple. Continue reading