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7 Reading Tips for Toddlers

Grandfather reading book to grandson

Toddlers are full of explosive energy. More often than not, it is hard to get them settled down and engaged in their books. Story time can become a struggle, and you may get concerned about your toddler’s lack of interest in reading. Engaging your child in daily conversation and reading promotes essential social and language skills. Books can help build your child’s confidence and provide a fun moment between the two of you. Use these 7 tips to tame your toddler at story time and keep them interested in reading. Continue reading

5 Tips for Finding a Nanny for Your Special Needs Child

Woman and child drawing on notepadAll children require unique attentiveness to meet the basic challenges of childcare. But finding a suitable nanny for your special needs child can seem like a daunting task. Childcare for special needs can be expensive, and not all nannies are equipped with the appropriate skills. Many parents may feel overwhelmed when they begin the process of finding a caregiver for their special needs child. Following these tips will help ease the process of finding a nanny for your special needs child.

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Understanding Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Parents calm crying girl on walk in summer garden. Girl sits in lap at father.

Leaving your child in the capable arms of your nanny can be an emotional struggle if they experience separation anxiety. This emotions is very common in toddlers; they do not yet understand the concept of time and do not comprehend when you will return. The feeling is brought on by basic survival instincts — children are dependent on their primary caregiver. Understanding your child’s separation anxiety can help you both overcome the fears and emotions of spending time apart.

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Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mother

Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smilingMany modern mothers are choosing to breastfeed their infants due to the advantages and benefits. Breastfeeding can be very rewarding for both a mother and child. Career driven women may feel that the option to breastfeed is lost to the demands of their jobs. If you would like to return to work and still have the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, do not be discouraged. These breastfeeding tips for the working mother will help you reach your goals.

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