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Everything You Should Know about Hiring a Housekeeper

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Cleaning your home may start out as an easy task, but when you add a spouse, children and pets into your busy lifestyle, the job can be overwhelming. Hiring a housekeeper is a great choice that will relieve a bit of your stress and give you some extra leisure time. Cleaning services can be an expensive luxury. When you decide that it is time to hire some help, spend your money wisely. Here is everything you should know about hiring a housekeeper.

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5 Tips for Hiring a Pet Friendly Nanny

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When you decide to start the process of finding the perfect nanny for your family, there are many criteria you will want met by your new employee. If you have one or a few members of your household that are animal companions, do not forget them in the hiring process. There are a lot of great nannies who have pet allergies or fears of working around animals. You will want to find a nanny who is great for your family — including your pets. These 5 tips for hiring a pet friendly nanny will help you hire the right person for all the members of your household.

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Nannies and Work-at-Home Moms

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The modern workplace is changing. More people are working from home every day. Working from the comfort of your home carries many advantages, including saving commute time and money. It allows you to be around for the children when they need you.There are distractions when you work at home. Having a nanny could be a solution to avoid such problems. The trick is keeping a strong working relationship with your nanny so that she feels empowered to maintain control with you in the home. Here are some tips and tricks for balancing a work-from-home schedule with an empowered caregiver.

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3 Reasons why Hiring a Household Manager will be Great for Your Home


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Between the business trips and long days at the office, you are a very busy person. Life can be hectic. Responsibilities at home pile up, you may even miss a few issues with your household staff. Hiring a household manager to oversee your home can greatly benefit your household.

A household manager is an individual that is well-rounded in the responsibilities that come with running a home. These individuals oversee your staff, take care of your finances and even assist with home care responsibilities, making your life much easier. Here are 3 reasons why hiring a household manager from Opti-mum nanny and homecare services will be great for your home.

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