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Hiring a Nanny Who Wants to Bring her Child

nanny with a child

When you begin your search for a nanny you have to consider many options. Do you want a live in or live out nanny? Would nanny sharing with another family work for you? As an agent I rarely receive a request from a parent for a nanny who will bring their own child to the job. However I frequently receive emails from nannies who want to bring their child to work with them.
On the surface this ideas seems wrought with problems. Most parents will not even entertain the idea as they feel there are far too many disadvantages. Sometimes, however, a nanny will become pregnant while working with a family and as the family does not want to loose their much loved employee they compromise to allow their nanny to bring their child full time or part time to work. In this case, of course, the family has a comfort level and trust of their nanny so the decision, although somewhat difficult, is not as uniformed as hiring a new nanny who wants to bring their child. I have placed 12 nannies in the last 24 years who brought their child with them to work. In each case the situation worked out extremely well.
There are many pros and cons to this type of working arrangement.

The Advantages are:

• The nanny will have first hand knowledge and experience as a parent which may provide them with more knowledge and experience regarding a child’s needs
• If you have one child who is similar in age to your nanny’s child this can be an excellent opportunity for socialization and companionship for both children
• Generally when a nanny brings her child to work her salary is negotiated to reflect this. In most cases her salary is lowered by 15 to 20 %.

The Disadvantages are:

• If your nanny’s child is sick she may not have back up care. This is also a problem for nannies who have children and use a daycare but often their resources and options are more reliable
• When I discuss this option with parents the most common concern is the possibility of the nanny favouring their own child over the employer’s child. Interestingly enough, according to the nannies and employers I speak to in follow-up this is usually not the case.
• Obviously if you have a busy household with more than one child this situation may not be desirable. In this case your nanny may need to drive children to activities and appointments and taking their child in tow could be very inconvenient

If you are considering hiring a nanny with a child it is a good idea to have some test days to make sure the children get along. Some children are more aggressive than others and may have entirely different interests. It’s also a good idea to consider the ages of the children involved. A toddler and a young baby would not be a great match and this arrangement would probably not benefit either child.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning in Vancouver

Spring Cleaning with our Nanny Services in VancouverSpring has finally arrived in Vancouver and beautiful, sunny days are gracing us more frequently with their presence. As we behold our homes under the revealing rays of the sun, many of us should come to a startling realization: Our little nests have become disgusting pigsties! Spring is known as the season of renewal and birth, so why not let your homes also embrace a new beginning by following these five time-saving tips we have compiled for you – after all, the less time you spend on work, the more time you will have to enjoy the warm weather and to frolic in the pretty meadows.

Tip 1: Make a battle plan

Before you tackle the grand mission of cleaning your entire home, consider making a plan. Having a plan will help you strategize how to best undertake the challenge of cleaning your home from top to bottom. Start by listing out all the rooms and thinking about the different tasks you have to do for each one. Once you have a list of the duties, you can divide them up and group them together to save time in changing equipment/routines. For example, once you finish scrubbing down the kitchen sink, do the bathroom sinks next as you are already in ‘scrub’ mode and have all the equipment ready.

Tip 2: De-clutter and throw away

We understand that things accumulate, especially after winter when holiday festivities can quickly add items that take up space in your house. Consider going a quick run-through of your house and getting rid of all unwanted items you have collected over the years/holidays. Spring cleaning provides you with the perfect opportunity to force yourself to see past the sentimental values of your old clothes that you saved in the hope that you will be able wear again after re-gaining your youthful figures as well as never-used appliances that you bought after being brainwashed by oh-so-powerful infomercials. Clearing up spaces in your home will ultimately mean that you will have less items/areas to clean, thereby speeding up the process.

Tip 3: Prepare the equipment ahead of time

For most homes, it is unnecessary to have different cleaners for each individual task. Consider investing in a good, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner for everything from walls to floors and only separate cleaning solutions for things that need specialized cleaners. Also, make sure that your tools are in useable conditions before you use them. It is neither fun nor time-efficient to have to stop in the middle of your cleaning streak to run out to buy replacements. Also, damaged tools can make your chores last twice as long or even damage your furniture, so, to save time and heartaches, best to make sure your tools are in good shape before using them.

Tip 4: Work your way up the ‘yucky’ scale

Whether it’s dusting off your furniture or wiping your floors, always start from the cleanest spots around the house and gradually work your way to the dirtiest places. By starting with the cleaner areas, your equipment will become dirty slower, thereby saving you big on trips to the sink or to the bucket to refresh your feather duster or wiping cloths.

Tip 5: Save the heavy duties for last

Unlike in real life where we save the best for last, best to treat cleaning like a videogame. Like in videogames where newbies should start with the easiest pests (e.g. minions) and work their way up to the most challenging enemies (e.g. bosses) so as to conserve their strength, you, too, should adopt this strategy to maximize how you spend your energy. Tackling the heavy duties early on will tire you out faster, leaving you less efficient to perform the subsequent chores. Therefore, save the most laborious tasks for later and push yourself faster to the finish line.

We hope that these cleaning tips help you make your home brighter this spring. If you are interested in Nanny services please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Kid Friendly recipe for Spring

Sugar Free Mango Popsicle Recipe


Several months ago I stumbled upon this amazing website that has a multitude of incredible gluten free and sugar free recipes. I have tried many of these recipes and I have to say I am a very impressed. Many children have allergies to gluten so I thought it would be fun to showcase a kid friendly recipe appropriate for our changing weather condition.

For the recipe go to All Day I Dream About Food