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5 Tips for a Greener Home with Vancouver’s Nanny Services

Nanny Services offers Tips for a Greener Home
With Vancouver’s cold weather subsiding and the days growing longer it’s only natural for households to want to spruce up the nest for the spring and summer. Working in the Nanny Services sector I often hear a lot of families talking about making their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I thought it would be a great idea to offer some tips for making a greener home so any of our readers can reduce the impact their household has on the environment.

5 Tips for Living Green

1. Make your own cleaners – reducing the amount of chemicals you use in your home is a great way to make your home more natural. Chemicals can be harmful to pets or children who play on the floor often. Even though I could dedicate the entire article to introducing a few household cleaners I thought it would be best to share this article which explains how to mix your very own natural household cleaners.

2. Forget about Paper Towel – reducing the amount of waste your household creates is another method to reducing the environmental impact your family has. By repurposing old towels, linens or even old flannel shirts as dish cloths you will save money and save the planet.

3. Use Cold Water – Washing your clothes in cold water as opposed to warm or hot is another good way to build a greener household. Washing machines use close to 90 percent of their energy just to heat the water. The cold water detergents nowadays do just as good as a job as opting for a warm water wash with traditional detergent.

4. Avoid the Dryer when Possible – Drying your clothes on a clothesline or clothes tree will save you money and keep your clothes looking new for longer. The dryer is really though on our clothes and it sucks up a lot of energy too. However, there are times when you can’t use a clothesline but you can make sure your dryer’s lint filter is kept clean for additional savings.

5. Repurpose Old Containers – Old containers and jars make excellent containers for loose knick knacks, bulk foods, coins, etc. Take a look at this article to see some of the innovative ways people repurpose old containers and jars.

I hope you found this article helpful in your effort to create a greener household for 2014. Make sure to check out our blog again soon to find more helpful tips on creating a green home. If you would like to discuss how our Nanny Services can help your family please feel free contact me anytime.