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Nanny Sharing

Nanny Sharing

About 20 years ago I was faced with a common dilema. How do I find safe, reliable care for my 7 month old baby girl. I called daycares and nanny agencies but was unsatisfied with the results.

I was shocked to find that the nanny agencies did not do criminal records checks and did not interview applicants to assess childcare knowledge.

With that in mind I started my own agency.–Optimum Nannies and Homecare. I had been working as a social worker before my baby was born so I had a solid foundation of knowledge and as a mom I was able to understand how it felt to enter the daunting task of finding childcare.

I knew that it is important to have an original and unique idea when starting a business so I started to brain storm. What are the main concerns and issues that parents face when finding childcare.

-quality care and education
-reasonable cost

The solution I came up with was nanny sharing. I started an advertising campaign and received a lot of attention from the local media.

Nanny sharing is a great alternative to daycare.-especially if you have one child. It is slightly more expensive than a daycare but offers the convenience of keeping your child in your family home (or alternating homes with the shared family). There are many nannies seeking employment who have early childhood education degrees and diplomas. The salary range for this type of care is $15 to $20 per hour (the salary range varies depending on the number of children and the qualifications of the caregiver). There can be two even three families involved so it is more reasonable than hiring a nanny on your own.

Your home is a better environment for children and protects them against communicable disease. The ratio of care giver to child in a nanny sharing situation is lower than a daycare so there is more personal care.

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