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How to Find a Good Nanny for Your Child

When planning to hire a nanny, you’ll want to keep these 3 tips in mind. If you have any questions about this post or are looking for a nanny in the Vancouver area …give us a call (604-671-4965)!

1) First, decide what you want. Talk to your partner about what your ideal nanny would be like. Do you want someone older who’s mature and experienced? Is a nanny with a degree in early childhood education your top choice? How much independence do you want your nanny to have in caring for your child? Do you want a caregiver who will be responsible only for feeding, bathing, and providing transportation? Or do you want a nanny who will be more of a parenting partner? Make a list you can refer to when you start interviewing applicants or talking to nanny agencies. Source

2) Once you’ve established what you want in a potential nanny, first reach out to your friends and family for references and leads. Next, don’t be afraid to post notices at the park, on school bulletin boards, or at the local coffee shop. Advertising online is now very popular—using or, for example—to list exactly who and what you are looking for. There are also local nanny placement organizations you can call, but this is a more expensive route (as they will have already prescreened candidates and take a commission fee). Source

3) Once you have your search narrowed down to ten or fewer candidates, you’ll want to conduct in-person interviews. It’s a good idea to have your children in the room with you to see how the potential nanny interacts with them. Sometimes you’ll know within two minutes that someone isn’t the right fit for your family, but be courteous and proceed with the interview for at least ten minutes. Throughout the interview, paying attention to small details, like body language, is key. But you also need to listen attentively to the answers. And remember, the more specific your questions, the more revealing her answers will be, so be prepared—see our 20 suggested questions below. You’ll also want to add questions that are specific to each candidate. For example, if a nanny has experience working with twins, ask her about it! Source

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Should You Trust Your Family to a Nanny?

spanish-nannyThe issue of childcare is a complex one. If you have children in a household that takes both parents away from home, there are several options available to you. The trick is to figure out which one is the best option for you and your family. If you are considering hiring a nanny, then keep in mind the following things as part of your decision making process. Continue reading

How Moms and Dads Work with Nannies


If you have or are considering hiring a nanny, you realize what an important decision it is. This is the person that you are going to trust with your children on a daily basis to guide them in your home while you aren’t there. However, this isn’t a solo effort. You, your spouse and the nanny are team that is working together to benefit your children.

Building the relationship of the team is critical to ensuring its success. Take time to have discussions about the following topics with your spouse so the two of you are on the same page. That way, you can bring a nanny on board that buys into your team vision. Continue reading

Is Your Nanny Burning Out?

 Tired mother holding baby daughter (6-11 months)

Your nanny is someone who you trust your most precious loved ones to. Even if your nanny is someone you’ve known and worked with for years, it is possible that your nanny can burn out. Child care is very trying, and even the most patient of nannies can feel the stress of their outside life encroaching on their job. Here are some of the signs of nanny burnout so that you can spot them before they become an issue. Continue reading

6 Trust Building Strategies for Caregivers

mother and child playing

The building blocks of a good child-nanny relationship are trust and security. More often than not, these are not automatic components of the foundation of the relationship — trust must be developed over time. Children can be very shy, or even hostile, towards a new nanny.

A child sees their primary caregiver as a critical component of survival, and a stranger is a threat to their basic security. It is important to build trust between yourself and the child that you are caring for so that you may nurture the relationship. Use these trust-building strategies for caregivers to become a pillar of security in your child’s life. Continue reading

5 Meal Planning Tips for Childcare Providers

young mother and daughter at play

Providing childcare comes with many challenges, one of which may include ensuring that the child you are responsible for receives adequate nutrition at meal time. Every child has specific needs that must be met, but some children require unique diets or have parents that set strict meal guidelines. As the child’s caregiver, you must creatively plan meals that meets the nutritional needs of your child as well as any wishes from your employer — a task that can often seem difficult. Use these tips to make meal planning as a child care provider simple. Continue reading

7 Reading Tips for Toddlers

Grandfather reading book to grandson

Toddlers are full of explosive energy. More often than not, it is hard to get them settled down and engaged in their books. Story time can become a struggle, and you may get concerned about your toddler’s lack of interest in reading. Engaging your child in daily conversation and reading promotes essential social and language skills. Books can help build your child’s confidence and provide a fun moment between the two of you. Use these 7 tips to tame your toddler at story time and keep them interested in reading. Continue reading

5 Tips for Finding a Nanny for Your Special Needs Child

Woman and child drawing on notepadAll children require unique attentiveness to meet the basic challenges of childcare. But finding a suitable nanny for your special needs child can seem like a daunting task. Childcare for special needs can be expensive, and not all nannies are equipped with the appropriate skills. Many parents may feel overwhelmed when they begin the process of finding a caregiver for their special needs child. Following these tips will help ease the process of finding a nanny for your special needs child.

Continue reading

Understanding Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Parents calm crying girl on walk in summer garden. Girl sits in lap at father.

Leaving your child in the capable arms of your nanny can be an emotional struggle if they experience separation anxiety. This emotions is very common in toddlers; they do not yet understand the concept of time and do not comprehend when you will return. The feeling is brought on by basic survival instincts — children are dependent on their primary caregiver. Understanding your child’s separation anxiety can help you both overcome the fears and emotions of spending time apart.

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Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mother

Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smilingMany modern mothers are choosing to breastfeed their infants due to the advantages and benefits. Breastfeeding can be very rewarding for both a mother and child. Career driven women may feel that the option to breastfeed is lost to the demands of their jobs. If you would like to return to work and still have the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, do not be discouraged. These breastfeeding tips for the working mother will help you reach your goals.

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